​ Do your demons hide in here,              Right inside your shadows;      Throughout the day only to be        Visible in the moonlight of the night;  While the stars glow the brightest      And the galaxies are crystal clear;    While the sky welcomes you                    To its own Paradise up there                    Where a magical world awaits                  To give you a taste of all the love,          All the compassion you always gave.  And never for once, received back.    

 The gifts, perhaps will be given,              To your shadows while you sleep,      Only to reach you in the morning      Gifts of care and concern, of empathy    That provide an everlasting promise      Of staying by you, through the roughest day,                                                  To give you strength to be the toughest. 

 It is then, that your demons                  Will show their true faces                    Hiding in your shadows,                          How they held the laces                              Of your young heart                                    And that innocent soul;              Protecting throughout like a saviour,  Fighting throughout like a warrior.

 The demons were in actual,              Angels probably; while your shadows    Were since forever their home;                     The heaven. 





7 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. This post posed a question in me, that for all the time we’ve were trying to find angels in the fairy lands, Maybe they were in darkest corners of our backyard hiding in plain sight as demons.
    A very good piece of work, keep it up.

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