A Good Match

       Ever wondered how many words you would have written down till date with this instrument called pen? Although with the invent of digital means, the usage has reduced significantly, this was the same pen we use to try and hone our doodling skills with. All of us do this even now; just the frequency has somewhat reduced. Here’s one of my most recent doodles. 

     The favourite page out of all would have been the last one where scribbling seemed to be a right and the page never looked good if it was empty without any ink marks. It was in those last sheets of the notebooks that perhaps, artists were born. 

      Even today, it feels good to see people buying notebooks. It makes me realise that however digitally developed we all are and however environment conscious we are, a paper has become such an integrated part of our lives that it is almost impossible to stop using them. The value of paper, whether it is a certificate you receive or a medical prescription, everywhere is essentially high. 

       ** And a book and a pen are still, the best match ever.**

A Good Match



2 thoughts on “A Good Match

  1. We the “digital generation” wants to have everything in digital format be it books, photos or memories. There’s nothing wrong in preserving memories but sometimes we are too busy preserving memories for future that we often forget to enjoy the moment itself.
    And the joy and enthusiasm of reading a novel (in paper format) can’t be ever replaced by Ebooks.

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