The Road Taken

   Every road we choose is a new lesson, new experience. What I found in this road I took is an answer to almost every other uncertainty of life. 

The choice lay there,                                           Right in front of her,                                     Between two paths.                                               The best of which,                                                  She hesitated to choose.                              Neither could she decide,                                    Nor had the ability to infer.                              What the universe conspired,                          When she seemed tired. 

She took her time.                                           Analysing each road.                                            And every other curve,                                          On how it would mould,                                      And gift her a dime. 

There came a point.                                                She knew it clear.                                              Which path to choose.                                        And which to avoid.                                               Yet she stood there,                                    Waiting for destiny to pull her.                 Towards that one road                                           She was hesitant to choose. 



The Road Taken


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