I was expected to not dream,
To not think beyond a certain point;
To bury all my ambitions and hopes.
I was told they’d never come true,
That I never deserved it all.

I was living in a room
That was forever locked,
A room from which I had no escape
And despite all my trials
My desires always stood ignored.

It hurt me at times,
With a powerful ache in the heart.
Yet other times I found,
A little inspiration to continue dreaming
And to yearn, for them to happen.

One such time, I found hope
Hope gave me strength
Told me I’ll win this fight,
Fight against people I love
The same who failed to love me back.

It asked me to fly away
As far and high as possible
With wings that I assumed to be clipped.
They were in fact hidden,
Too scared to emerge from within.

The door was never ajar,
But I learnt; door wasn’t my only escape
So I went over to this window
From where I once used to dream
Dream of not being caged,
Not Confined to a room
I dreamt of flying
And here I was in front of the window
With the strongest pair of wings,
Liberated and ready to soar.


PS- That blurred thing the last photo is a bird, that flew away before I could click another photo.

Birds are meant to fly, you see; and absolutely nothing can stop them. So can we, if our grit is strong enough. All we need is strength. Strength to believe in ourselves and strength to keep going despite obstacles.



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