When I See You

This post is in reference to the IBMC Challenge hosted by Its PH. I hereby accept this challenge and I urge everyone reading this, to take part in this 15 day challenge.

Here’s the first challenge – IBMC 01 Phrase a paragraph challenge.

It isn’t everyday that I come across you. Once in a blue moon, on the days when I’m completely hopeless, I somehow happen to meet you, I see you. You are quiet while you listen to all my rants. You never say a word, but you still end up teaching me everything. And when I see you, you show me a new perspective to everything. You restore my hopes, you light up my way. When I see you, I’m at peace; I smile. And then again, I go back to normalcy waiting for the day when I would get to see you again.

I see you once in a blue moon, and my only delight lies in the fact that you don’t actually experience blues; or maybe you do and that is when you cloud yourself.




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