This post is in reference to the IBMC Challenge hosted by Its PH. I hereby accept this challenge and I urge everyone reading this, to take part in this 15 day challenge.

Here’s the fourth challenge – IBMC 04 Hunt a Haiku Challenge.

Haiku 2

the sun will set slow
people go home for shelter
sun will rise again.

I was travelling the other day; a long 10 hour drive. Watching people work is a common sight with everyone busy in their jobs. It seemed like everyone was competing with the sun and trying to finish their chores before the sun set. That maybe is the rule of life. Every living being is supposed to follow this, consciously or otherwise. Life would probably be incomplete without this.

I was surrounded by trees and farms all around, with small ponds and few lakes. I happened to see the sun set, something difficult to watch in my place of living with tall buildings covering the sky. And boy, it was wonderful! I saw the clouds holding each ray of sun, as if possessive about the light.

Even after all the trials, it couldn’t actually hold the light. The sun started to set.

And ever so slowly, as if this was the first time sun had shone, it bid adieu. The sky still remains one the most beautiful creations of nature. The way it changes every second is a sight to behold. Only if I could, I would have sat by a pond and gaze at the sky all day and night. Skygaze.

And when the sun had set, the human movement reduced. People were almost done with their chores, returning back home with exhausted faces but they carried a smile for having a good day. They were glad they didn’t lose against the sun, maybe they were both winners. Or perhaps, there wasn’t any competition at all, rather it was the sun that helped people and now travelled to the other side of Earth.

And when the sun rises again, these men will again come out of their comfortable homes and work for another good day, hoping to make it better than the previous.

Work till the sun sets,
Rest till the sun rises.



Happy Reading ❤

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