This is in response to Kat’s Twittering Tale #103 where she provides a photo prompt every week with the challenge to come up with a tale in 280 characters or less.

This week’s photo prompt –

Tired of painting on various canvases, walls and other inanimate things, I wanted something raw, something alive. Came across a dying tree and decided that it’d be my canvas this time. I randomly tossed shoes upon it, and named the art – Shoefiti.

~247 characters

Also read – Shoe Tossing Wikipedia

Shoe tossing, the act of using shoes as projectiles or improvised weapons, is a constituent of a number of folk sports and practices. Today, it is commonly the act of throwing a pair of shoes onto telephone wires, powerlines, or other raised wires. A related practice is shoe tossing onto trees or fences.

And – Shoefiti

The practice of shoe flinging, nicknamed ‘shoefiti’, is widespread and can be found the world over, from busy city streets to the loneliest desert highways.



3 thoughts on “Shoefiti

  1. I love it! And learned a new word! Thank you for the vocabulary lesson! We lovers of words can’t get enough of them! Look for your tale in this week’s roundup. I want to be sure everyone sees your tale!

    Liked by 1 person

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