Start of a Journey

“Blogging” was a term I always found to be sophisticated; something difficult and time taking to manage in the busy lives we live in. Till date, I’ve been asked numerous times if I ran a blog and my only answer each time had been that I didn’t know how to. 

A close friend of mine then started her own blog recently (check out Tomboy Princess Dairies) and I went in for an in-depth analysis of following her posts and blogging in general. Would never say it seemed easy, rather; it felt intriguing. She has always inspired me and this time too; made me take this notion forward. 

To people who don’t know me that well; I am a pen person with a hibernating and curious mind. In the sense, I will always prefer writing things down with ink than typing and have a mind that is almost all the time at a void of topics to discuss or write about. No, it isn’t a writer’s block per se. It is between writer’s block and laziness on a scale. It is something I have always tried describing and terribly failed each time.

   Point is the difficulty I may have in publishing a post. But as I believe, curiosity can get you to undiscovered places and show you that the difficulty you faced was actually the best part of the challenge. It makes you more determined, more focused and gives you impeccable strength. 

I’ll soon come up with an actual post where I don’t just wander and blabber things; and start talking about more important things and share beliefs. Although a keypad is used in putting this forward, it in no way is inferior to my pen. The words still are inked; words which portray my beliefs. 


Happy Reading! 

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