This post is in reference to the IBMC Challenge hosted by Its PH. I hereby accept this challenge and I urge everyone reading this, to take part in this 15 day challenge.

Here’s the second challenge – IBMC 02 Freeze a foto challenge.

He sent me roses everyday, even after reminding him that there was no need. Sometimes, they were meant to wish me. Birthdays and other important days I had no clue of. He always remembered everything and never failed at this sweet gesture.

And yet other times, they were sent to serve as an apology. I accepted them everyday, despite what they accompanied. Each wish, each apology and the beautiful roses. The wishes were thanked and apologies accepted.

Recieving roses was never a mundane task. It gave me pleasure to fill my vase next to the study, with a rose every single day. I would always look forward to the next day’s rose rather than worrying about the present one withering.

Even today, I recieved one, but this time though, I didn’t accept it. I have realised that each of time they came to me, they weren’t just wishing or apologizing. How cruel it would seem to say that they were accompanied with baits, with traps. Alas! This was the truth. So today, I learnt to say no; to the wishes, apologies and them roses. I learnt to believe in myself and made my way out of the trap.

I don’t deserve to be bribed by anyone but myself. It would have been a beautiful experience to receive roses without additional baggage. Then I decided that from tomorrow, I’m gonna start getting roses for myself. Everyone of us should start getting roses for ourselves. For we all deserve self love more than anything.


Happy Reading ❤

Photo source- Heo Jiseon’s Instagram Handle


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