This post is in reference to the IBMC Challenge hosted by Its PH. I hereby accept this challenge and I urge everyone reading this, to take part in this 15 day challenge.

Here’s the third challenge – IBMC 03 Risk for a random challenge.

It is gives me so much happiness to come across people who hold similar beliefs as mine. Nothing is immortal and losing out important people is extremely sorrowful. No one deserves pity except for those who show pity. Learn to control anger for it only leads to destruction. Enemity only results in the growth of jealousy between two people. Does, not finishing your work before deadline make you feel guilty? If a decision does not make you anxious, it isn’t essential. The most I fear is not being able to feel any emotion. When do you realize you’re in love if you don’t know what love is? Speaking out whatever goes on your mind is the simplest and most surprising thing ever.




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